Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Blog Site

I had to change my hosting package for my website, so I moved everything to Perilous Fiction at

Check out my published books there, as well as well as at my Amazon Store.

What if your husband tried to kill you...after he was already dead?

Jack Clayton dies suddenly, leaving his wife, Natalie Clayton, with grief, funeral expenses, and a nasty mother-in-law. Now, someone wants Natalie dead—and all the evidence points to Jack. Fleeing to the rugged California coast, Natalie assumes a new identity. But life isn't safe, especially in Perilous Cove.

There's nothing quite as peaceful as a mountain lake resort town, unless it contains your ex-husband...and a killer. 

For singer Rayne Evans, Storm Lake is the perfect hiding place. But the picturesque lake community holds Rayne's deepest secret. If not careful, she could lose her band, her career, and her life.