Saturday, March 27, 2010

From Mount Hermon - Saturday

   Greetings from Beautiful Mount Hermon, CA, in the Santa Cruz mountains. I'm joined by about 300 other writers amongst the azaleas and redwoods to soak up writing skills, network, and reconnect with friends.

   My task this year is to make as many contacts as I can. With two completed manuscripts and another one rattling around in my brain, I'm anxious to get on the publishing trail. I submitted Storm Lake to two agents for publishing review (one got back to me a few minutes ago and wants to talk with me) and have an appointment set up with another on Sunday.

   The tag line is getting some attention: "Nothing's quite as peaceful as a mountain lake retreat. Unless it contains your ex-husband--and a killer."

   I'm in a mentoring group of eight, led by author James Scott Bell. We each "get" a turn on the Hot Seat where, for 30 minutes or so, we receive feedback and critiques of the others. Humbling and informative--and just a bit intimidating!

   Besides the mentoring group, there are 70 workshops from which to choose. That's enough to overload anyone!

   I also have two buddies this year--two first-timers who I helped get ready for the conference. Both great guys.

   But the best thing about the conference is connecting with friends. Pictured with me is Rebecca Miller. Becky and I met six years ago at Mount Hermon. We've been in a critique group together and she's a great writer of fantasy. You can read her blog at A Christian Worldview of Fiction.

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